Monday, 2 September 2013

contoh percakapan perawat dan pasien dalam bahasa inggris

Nurse                          : good morning
Miss Rondonuwu       : good morning nurse
Nurse                          : how are you this morning?
Miss Rondonuwu       : not very well
Nurse                          : I’m nurse Christian and I will take care of you today. Your name is written here “Miss.  Rondonuwu”. How can I address you?
Miss Rondonuwu       : you may address me Miss Rondonuwu
Nurse                          : Miss Rondonuwu, how is your wound, do you still feel the pain?
Miss Rondonuwu      : Yes. And it is become more painful in the afternoon.
Nurse                          : In the afternoon the temperature become so hot here, and it makes the wound become more painful.
Miss Rondonuwu       : And what should I do to reduce the pain?
Nurse                          : I will teach you relaxation technique. It’s a breathing technique that could reduse your pain.
Miss Rondonuwu        : okay.
Nurse                          : When you feel the pain you have to calm, relax your mind and take a deep breath and this (*demonstrate). Okay!! It will reduse the pain.
Miss Rondonuwu      : okay. Thank you
Nurse                          : I will tell the doctor to give you a pain killer too. Now it’s time for me to visit other patients. If you need my assistance, please just press the call button, I will help you.
Miss Rondonuwu       : Okay. Thank you, nurse.
Nurse                          : See you
Miss. Rondonuwu      : See you

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